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PUPPY: Pup~pee

How a Mother dog's 9 babies came to be called, "Puppies".

Hundreds of years ago many animal new born babies,
such as Lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!)
were, and still are called "Pups", kittens or cubs.

One day a dog had Babies.
When the little girl had seen that the dog had 9 babies. The child asked her
father what she should call so many?

The little girl said there were already so many new Born's called "Pups", Cubs,
kittens or Kids, like all the other animals & these were so special, she wanted them
to be called something different.
The little girls father agreed and told his child, that "She to was special" and that is
the reason he and her mother had given Sarah the name she had.
The father then picked up one of new little dogs and starring into the animals eyes
said, "Hmmm... Dog, new, baby, pup...pup..." and just then the baby dog, urinated all
over his new shirt and the father finished his sentence by saying, "Pees... Pup -
pees ... PUPPIES!"
THAT is what we will call them! "PUPPIES!"
And the little girl laughed and laughed and laughed!
When she finally was able to stop laughing so hard. She agreed,
the 9 new little babies could be called "Puppies"

The end of this tail.
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