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Friday, July 21, 1978 sitting beside the McKenzie River near Cougar Dam in
Paul and Chet Atkins.
The water is very cold - the air very hot.  You can look up stream and see
the heat radiate off the top of the water, dancing little waves that never
stop.  Every now and then a kayak or rubber raft full of people go by - it's
like being all alone on a desert island with only your thoughts.  I was
watching Bud fish (he never was an avid fisherman like his brother Bob, or
his good friend, Byron Francis) and wrote this poem..

I sit here watching Bud, my beloved while he plays...
With rod and reel and hooks and eggs -
A fish he'll catch some day.

He's leaning on a tree, cigarette in hand...
God help that little fish to get away if he can.

For he doesn't want to eat him -
It's just the thrill of the catch!

I seems so sad to think a little fish will meet his match!

I have a picture of this afternoon somewhere in my collection and as all of
you know Bud loved his coffee, even while I wrote this too...

Drink your cup of coffee - you drink 2 pots each day,
Put in 2 lumps of sugar and briskly stir away!
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I wrote this in 1978... However it applies even more so today


I listen to the news and hear of one disaster after another -
God said in Revelation that brother would fight against brother.

Now this only applies to those who don't believe in God -
He's clearly stated in the Bible the path that we should trod.

God said that if we seek him first -
He'll provide for us and quench our thirst

If only we believe Christ died for our sins -
We won't have to sit on needles and pins

Wondering if our soul will be saved -
For Christ's blood the road to heaven has paved.

He died to show us that we still will live -

For this earthly body only lasts for a while -
Then our spirit takes leave as we walk our last earthly mile.

Written by Tillie Vaughan 1978
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Tillie B. Tromler-Vaughan

I wrote this poem on the way to Lake Louise, Canada.  I was so
impressed with everything there and it was my first time out of the U.S.  
Bud of course served overseas during WWII and saw many different
countries.  I think the most surprising for me was the blooming flowers... All I
expected to see was ice and snow.

PERCEPTION written by Tillie Vaughan, 8/20/78

Mountains wrapped in clouds look like velvety ribbons of snow,
The sun peeks thru now and then but doesn't stay long you know!
For if it stayed too long, Canada would float away,
This beauty would be gone and disaster in its path would lay.

I suppose this is the way the Grand Canyon looked long ago,
Can you imagine it with trees and lakes, glaciers and snow?
Our world is ever changing it's face, before our very eyes,
We should take care of our earth, and not pollute our skies.

For the next generation after us will have a terrible task,
Trying to clean up the mess we made, is an awful lot to ask.
We need to take the time, to clean up after ourselves,
Because this is not Ireland, there are no little elves!

Next time you throw a cigarette butt, plastic diaper or can,
Make sure it's in a place that will not cause harm to man.

Fish can't swallow plastics, and oil is bad for their skin,
Birds need fresh air too, and we all would like to win.
So next time you're in the outdoors, don't forget to care,
About the pollution you are creating...we need to be more aware!

I have no hands but your hands to
do my work today...

I have no feet but your feet to walk
the narrow way...

I have no tongue but your tongue to
tell others about me...

I have no heart but your heart to
spread peace and

Written by Tillie...God Bless and
Keep you in his
Written by Tillie Vaughan 8/18/78

The mountains tall and majestic surround us with their love,
Peaks all covered with snow and the sun warms them from above.
Beautiful waterfalls are made from the melted snow,
We all stop to admire them, take our pictures and go.
They'll be there forever, never minding that we,
Hurry and scurry here and there in search of ecstasy!

I wrote this poem on the way to Lake Louise, Canada.
We stopped at Jasper Park where I saw this magnificent view.
cassette tapes.  (I left DSJ and turned it over to Jeff & Debbe in 1975.)  I listened to the tapes constantly
and they had ones for children I would play when I took the grandchildren in the van.  My first grandson,
this business but it gave me a chance to expand myself and so was motivated to write a lot of poems (as
you can see) during those years and this poem tied in with my business.

Written by Tillie Vaughan 8/5/78

The "Power of Positive Thinking" is a way of life I'm told.
If you plant a seed in the garden, you expect it to unfold.  

So why not try it with your mind, it barely costs a thing,
Plant little seeds of greatness and maybe it will bring,
Happiness and love your way because you took the time,
To reach out to your inner-self and that is so sublime!

For within each of us there's a special place
just waiting for us to call -
and your seeds will begin to grow!
Written by Tillie Vaughan, 10/25/78

I like to fly in an airplane it makes me feel so small -       
When I am down there, things are messy, even dirty too...
But from up here, the squared off blocks and rivers of deep blue -
Seem beautiful, serene and calm just waiting for us to land -
So we can hurry and scurry about with all the cares at hand.

They've changed our miles to kilometers
And degrees are Celsius on thermometers
I don't know where this all will lead -
But it sure is hard for us "old folks" to read!

Some say that I'm too organized, but I've found out through life -
If you do a little pre-planning, you save a lot of strife!

We cannot hide what's down inside...
it comes to the surface you know.
If God is our guide, the people outside
Will see the seeds that we sow.                   
You don't have to stand on a soap box,
Or tell others what they should do,
Just open your heart and mind to God
He will channel his love through you!

Our inner longings know no bonds and once implanted there -
Will serve to guide us all through life if we become aware
Cave Junction,

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