While travelling Canada, this gorgeous lake had boat trips and we
took one.  Although it was only August, it was freezing as there
were glaciers all around the lake.  They took us to an island where
we could get off and take pictures and it was a "mind boggling"

Written by Tillie Vaughan 8/18/78

We're going on a boat ride on the most beautiful lake I've seen -
In the back of it are 3 glaciers,
and it's name is Lake Maligne. (pronounced maleen)

As we leave the shore the water is as smooth as fine ground glass,
Reflecting the beauty all around us - man cannot surpass!

We went to Spirit Island and were allowed to disembark,
To take pictures of God's beauty, it was like a fairyland park.

There were 40 people on this cruise, all with a common cause -
To experience "nature in the raw" and from this busy life to pause.

For one still moment you could pretend that you were the only one,
Travelling this land that our ancestors, through many hardships

We got to go the easy way, in an enclosed motor boat -
I was glad because it was so cold,
we would have frozen on anything else afloat.

I guess I'm really a sissy and I admire the courageous ones,
With back packs on, they trudge along, to see what God has done.

In the still untouched parts of earth
that careless man has not been to...
With his beer cans, cigarette butts and litter -
this gorgeous site...still preserved for me and you!
Tillie B. Tromler - Vaughan
Written by Tillie Vaughan, 8/21/78

God gives us many talents
and we choose what to use -
Open your mind to him
and he will light your fuse -
Maybe you can sing,
and make someone's heart glad -
Maybe you can write,
and cheer someone who's sad -
Maybe you can work,
and provide for someone else -
Whatever your talent, use it well,
We travelled many miles on roads,
when sudden showers would appear out of nowhere!
It was always funny to me how sometimes rainstorms felt like a blessing yet other
times made you afraid.  One time in Florida it rained so hard the windshield wipers
couldn't keep up so we had to pull over and wait for it to calm down!
This picture is very calming to me...and as I look at it I can smell the rain...
feel the moisture and here is a poem I wrote about my poetry!

Written by Tillie Vaughan 6/3/89

Poetry is a great release for me,
and we all need one of those...
I see the words take form on a page
and before my eyes it shows,
Some of my innermost feelings, thoughts and curiosity
I read them later with much surprise to know what's inside of me!

For I feel like a different person as I write upon the page,
The words flow thru like a fountain of youth,
regardless of my age!
Creating something from within yourself, tells what I feel is true...
If we all lived from the inside out, we would all be born anew.
I wrote this poem after I heard Debbie was pregnant with Brandon.

Written by Tillie Vaughan, 8/22/78

There's nothing nicer in this world than a brand new bundle from heaven...
For those who really want them, be it one or four or seven!

These little souls come into this world and hope for love from you,
They're scared, cold and insecure, so give them love that's true!

Don't torment, ignore, or demand too much, for someday you will see,
You cannot give too much of yourself if you give kindly and lovingly.
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Written by Tillie Vaughan, 7/28/78

Many poems are written about Love -
and how peace comes from up above.
But I think peace is in you if you only let it
Show your love to others by the things you
say and do.
As down the pathway of life we go -
We are nothing more than a flake of snow!
Here today and gone tomorrow -
We leave in our path - happiness or sorrow!
Written by Tillie Vaughan, 8/21/78

Written by Tillie Vaughan, 10/25/79

I thank you for the rest you gave me during the night.
I pray this day will be one for you, I'll try to do things right.
Make all my thoughts be only of you -
Help me to be kind in all that I do -
Give me strength for today,
and when things go wrong -
Put in my heart a happy song!
Tillie's Tidings

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Written by Tillie Vaughan, 10/20/2010

It's Halloween and nowhere to be seen
is the wicked witch of the west -
With goblins and ghosts and what deceives most
is the wicked witch of the west -
She's hiding in costumes - no one know where
waiting to scare you to death...
She'll ride on her broom and scream through your room
waiting to scare you to death...
She'll ride on her broom and scream through your room,
waiting to scare you to death
She'll ride on her broom and scream through your room
waiting to scare you to death...
Halloween is trick or treat and also to see, Children in
costumes as bright as can be...
Pretending to be something they're not, So they can collect I
don't like witches, black cats or ghosts or blood running on
I only like the laughter, excitement and good things it brings.
So bring on the candy, good treats and funs...
That Halloween is supposed to be for the little ones!