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The Wanderings of the Nonpedestrian
He is waiting for me just around the bend in the road,
ready to stop all forward progress and keep me
from seeing just what is over yonder.
A shrouded being who is of no matter and yet without mass or member still
crowds the minds of so many real beings such as i will soon be not. Around
the corner he he hopes to add to the collection.
As much as I feel that the ways Ive led in this short but full life given to me by
much greater powers then his has been worthy of better

I still cant help but think that he has had his hooks in me from the very
beginning and has no intention of lessening his grip on my soul.
To burn in hell amongst the likes of some of the greatest beings who have
ever walked this earth has never been a dream of mine in any sense.
August 30 at 5:06am ·

To walk the straight and narrow as its been voiced from the mouths of all who
have ever spoke the words of good and evil to me seems absurd

Not knowing just what wrongs or rights will set me free or bind me has been
enough to send on the road to now what may be around the bend.

Ever so lightly i tread as if walking on those proverbial egg shells that may just
teeter me on the brink of the line between good and evil.
Hoping that the way i treat each living thing will prove to hold more weight in
my final dance on the scales then how Ive tended my own self

locked away inside of me will not cease my journey on.
Wondering if my wondering about the whole great story will prove at last my
lack of faith and set me on the road to pain and fire forever .  

With my good intentions i tread on down this road that is said to be paved with
such and wonder with awe as to what is just around the bend.
And then again maybe its just a hitchhiker.
He has a sign it says"Its all in the comments" wonder what that means?
I hear the opportunists knocking, sighing, waiting patiently, without a care
of what the consequences oftheir persistent rapping may be.
Burrowing into their own mixed up and confused watery mass of brains,
seeking but the strength to focus once again the vision of their graft,
Assuring themselves that its all quite the sane and logic thing to do in circumstances such as these
that befall even the best of all the rest.

But in the end quite caring not the thoughts of fools unlike themselves, who might stand and judge instead of
slithering on in for the kill.

Counting not the days since the last clear stage passed them by,
but the hours till they once again might dine on the spoils of advantage.

Not once thinking of an action that may just free the troubled from some proverbial rock and hard place and leave
their own pockets empty.

Trudging on head long in their own pursuit of an easy way out and basking in the glow of what they think may be
some last great master plan.

But low and behold the days gone by in these eyes have tendered visions of finer ways of light, that strife might be
laid into its grave alas.

That the righteous might indeed lay forth their humble mold of actions that if matched by those resolute in lesser
schemes may hinder none.

And just maybe slight the heavy burden lain upon the shoulders of those who may be heading down their lives last
final rock strewn paths.

At first i thought it was the Tommyknockers.

But the distinct softened knuckle rapping proved the point, that it was not them indeed.
In the beginning I stood on the top of the mountain and looked out
over the vast wasteland,
thinking that the end is so near but further yet.
It is always in the beginning, that the real whole tale is right around the corner, yet never within our reach nor ever
The future then lay upon the road least traveled by those who stand among us ready to cast us out and taunt us with
rewards for failure.

Searching out but straying from the warmth of misdirected unsocial misfits such as I pretend to be,  in hopes of no
last finale surrender.

While the whole time being prodded by those who would seek to have me step off the edge of the abyss to watch
and live their life through me.

Yes, I the brave but much misunderstood warrior flinching back yet taking head on the trials and tribulations of this
last stand of all life.

Knowing not the cold dark stares and colder yet somewhat comforting long nights alone seeking a bit of the
creature comforts of warmth alone.

And just as this last skirmish seemed over and the reward of this last battle were indeed there within reach a whole
new war started within.

As I through hindsight, foresight and uninhibited inner vision smashed the skulls and bones of my opposition the real
enemy struck within.

And who to kill the dragon-slayer but the slayer of dragons himself unmatched by wit and strength with vast
knowledge of his hidden tricks.

The keeper of the gate needs no key to unlock the barrier that has kept out the enemy and thwarted their attempts
to end his siege alas.

So now I dig into my bag of tricks fortified by battle plans of scholars of this "new to me" type of battle, unguided
behind the lines destruction.

And with the vast knowledge and understanding of previous attempts by much lesser and near worthless opponents
I stand ready for battle.

Now I stand at the top of the mountain and look out over the vast wasteland the bloody skulls of this disease of mine
in hand... And I laugh.

So I just went home and turned on the TV,
And never got up again the whole day long, 'cause I have a remote control.

round, acting spacey. No, I don't feel bad that I don't walk the cat.

Crawling at night on my face see, I just could never stand that, screeching like
Janus sings daily. I don't feel bad that I don't walk the cat.

Now maybe its true that she can see through this grumbling finicky act, but its just
the same all in the game, I'm sure shes figured out that.

Barfing up hairballs at dinner, what in the hecks up with that? Clawing my hands
when I pet her, I don't feel so bad that I don't walk the cat.

Hound dogs are looking much thinner chasing a whiley wood rat.

Ziggy is screaming for dinner, no I don't feel so bad that I don't walk the cat.

When it comes to mice shes no winner, rather go catch friendly bats.

Shes just a fur shedding sinner, I don't feel bad that i don't walk the cat.

Now maybe its true, that she can see through this grumbling finicky act, but its just
the same all in the game, I'm sure shes figured out that.

Well the dogs been walked now what?

Guess I'll go feed the cat.
and real lazy and I don’t feel so bad that I don’t walk the cat .

weaves having dined for company along the striker of the flint.

A day of life and another of death along their lonely travels creep to lap tween
their counter this eve of feast for the souls of all saints.  

Costumed poor swim door to door amid thoughts of subsistence bartered
against meek prayers for the truly dead on the eve of all souls day.

The souling for sweets in the guise of hob goblins ghouls and ghost complacent
the swapping a treat for the tune of an idle pending threat.  

Parading dead midst the crypts honored with children’s treat of Marigold and
sugar a bottle of mescal for the old this Dia de los muertos.

For life is but a dream woven through a maze of timeless minds waiting
relentlessly amid hopes for eventual cease of slumber on yon fair eve.  

Pray lightly we trod less our waking of the souls at feast shall hinder this honor
of the dead destined to born us this night of Halloween.

A little ditty for the Eve of All Saints day.

Happy Halloween everyone !!!.
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