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Kanani decided to try a new sport this season, paddling. She is so excited!
But she said,
"mom, it feels really good to go out of my comfort zone." :)
Kahiau, cam home form school with the knees ripped out of his jeans so i told him to throw
them away.
He said, " no, mom I can still wear these, I will just tell people I bought them from the Gap".  :)
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nbgu\............says Judah =)
Child: "Mom... Anthony wanted me to draw a monkey because I wanted
the ball with the mustache because I'm the yellow ninja."
mom: huh???
Jag is still a mess...tears everywhere this morning.
So I say to him, "Are you hurting or are you just cranky?"
His response...."just cranky" followed by a smile and a giggle.
We think its important that
parents know...
All kids say "I don't like you
or, "I hate you" (MOM or Dad)"
Try not to take it personal.
It is just the only way kids
know how to express their
discontent at the moment.

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Another one does, another one does, no one likes to dust...
           Joshua's version of "Another one bites the dust"... Funny kid
Don't you just love the happiness and optimism of a 4 year old. I'm not even sure my dog loves me that much!
Andy ~ My 5 year old Sofia just informed me that a black eye is actually known as a "Purple eye".
Kahi was taking pics of me with my new camera and kept deleting them, when I asked why...
He said "I'm trying to get one without your "crinkles". >:/
Kahiau asked me if I believe in reincarnation, he said because if I do, he wants to be
reincarnated as my son again. =) I love THAT boy!
While fighting me about getting dressed this morning Joshua says,
"Woah somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed"
I said "YEAH YOU"...."his reply,
"UMMMM No I woke up on the pretty side of the bed YOU woke up on the wrong side" LOL
WHYYYYYYY am I having a FULL fledged argument with my son?
Whom btw is only gonna be 3 in may! smh I LOVE YOU AUSTIN ♥ Even when you yell at me lol
On our way home from swim team a cat ran across the road, it was white.
Kaelin says "Mom when I get older you are going to get
me a white cat, then when I move out I will take it with me and think of you
every time I look at it, then when you die I will hold it in
my lap & cry for like 3 days".......Geez, the stuff kids say! Why do I always
have to die in her stories??
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Kids are in bed with jammies inside out and a spoon under the
pillow. Did you know this means we will have snow when we wake
So, my lovely Kahiau said my butt looks like a mushroom, and not just any
mushroom, but the mushroom on Super Mario Bros. That can't be a good thing! :/
Oh nice,.. I made spaghetti for dinner and Hayly says, "mom will you make me a fried egg
sandwich, I'm carbo loading,,?"
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"Goodnight mom I
love you" the most
amazing feeling is
hearing my lil/big
man say this to me!
♥ He makes
everything so
perfect! ♥
I remember when my oldest child and I were watching reruns of the old "Leave it to
Beaver" television show. She was
about 3 or 4 yrs old at the time and as we watched the show, she turned to me and
very seriously asked, " Mommy, what
was the world like when everything was black and white?"  #lol
My oldest who is 11yrs old says:
"Mom, stop kissing me in front of my friends they're going to think I'm a momma's boy"
Joshua..."Hey, you know when I grow up I wanna be an artist, on paper".
Marshall: You know you're playing the music loud enough when your mom knows the lyrics ;)
Went for a twilight walk with the boogie child tonight.
I asked her, "what are you going to do for the last 6 days of being 5 years old?"
She replies with a deep sigh...  " I 'll just enjoy being 5, I guess."
I was trying to play Words With Friends on my phone and my 4 year old kept
climbing on me. I told him he could sit with me if he could be still. He agreed.
lasted less than a minute when he said "Nope Mom, a body has got to move".
David just told Asia she wasn't very hip....she said "anyone who
says hip isn't very hip".....kracked me up...then she said, "you're
about as hip as my Grandpa"
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Owen (4 year old) says I'm not supposed to tell Daddy
there is a spider, so he can get bit and be Spiderman.
And I
have to make his suit.
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My Child, SAVANNAH: mom I don't like spaghetti..
I really don't like Italian food.. Well except for pizza!!

My other child ELIJAH: you mean you don't like French bread?

SAVANNAH: Elijah that's French!!!

I love their conversations! LOLL