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content, and pretend that this path is the best way.

Everything seems so much colder and darker these day's. And the joy I once
knew is replaced with uncertainty and grief. You can take it all away, my hopes
and dreams Lord and what still remains? Only your promise of Heaven's
eternity,If I can hold on to my tattered faith!
I long to go home, to a place, and time, that no longer exist anymore Where I
knew the score, and everyone were young, and still alive. Before I learned pain,
and loss, and the wisdom that comes with tragedy and age. But times move on
and we're faced with our own mortality.

No one likes you when your down. Your fair whether friends have since flown.
And you raise your hands in the air, And say Lord I can't take no more. In the
silence as you lay in bed you listen for the answer but it is never made known.
So you just try to smile, and say tomorrow it will all make sense. I don't know who
I am... No more, and I'm tired, and all alone.
Remember me with the changing seasons, and whatever happens, your spirit for
me to the lamb of God. I am no one special and yet your spirit has stolen my
heart. Please remember me, because I will never forget you!
I miss you although I never really knew you, I loved you although I've never seen
your face. But the words you say are like living words chiming softly in my ears.
Can a man love a women,just by the beauty she radiates from the things that she
does say?  Will he survive wanting to hold, and have love forever near?
Knock on the door because no one is home anymore. Check the pulse to see if
the heart is beating. Take a trip without a body to feel the soul leaving, I've been
Knock on the door because no one is home anymore. Check the pulse to see if
there before.

~ Steven Newport ~