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place you could see was full of happiness and love.
Ribbit the frog hopped playfully over to the  bouncing fairies and croaked
in joy as the  fairies went from flower to flower, leaving little
trails of pixie dust floating in the air. Bark went  to play ball with the Troll
and his cheetah.  Scratch the cat and cute the kitten were quite
happy to lie down in the cotton candy colored  grass and lick each others
ears. Everyone was  smiling and laughing.
A leopard riding a pony came up to the animals  writing their stories and
told them it was  almost time for bedtime. “Come with me to my
castle,” the leopard announced, “I am the king
of all bedtime stories and I will read you all a  free story if you follow me to
my magnificent  kingdom.” There are bedtime stories for each
of you!
The King of bedtime stories led them through a  forest of tall oak trees to a
castle made of  candy. All around the castle was a moat, but it
was not full of water. It was full of milky  chocolate that flowed like a river
and the castle  itself seemed to come straight from a sugar
factory because the whole thing was made out
of candy!
Everyone was having an amazing wonderful  time. Ribbit the frog, ate
some of the candles  that were made of taffy. Bark the dog, was  perfectly
fine following after the king of  bedtime stories around and Cute the kitten,
had found a ladybug and was playing with it. Suddenly, the grandmother
of the fairies  appeared. She asked the children what they  wanted for a
before bedtime snack. Each kid  named a fruit, ice cream or candy, but all
wanted to finish their bedtime story. All got as  they had requested and
soon the castle walls  were filled with laughter and delight.
All the children played with their doll or toy car  until a yawn escaped from
their mouths and  they realised how tired they were. They got
ready for bed and dreamt of kingdoms and  creatures near and far.
The frog, the dog, the kitten and the cat all  looked at their parents before
closing their tired  little eyes and asked, “How was our story”.
Their parents responded and said, “It was a  very funny bedtime story.
accomplished and proud of  their stories. They planned that night to
createaccomplished and proud of  their stories. They planned that night to

more stories and write a book. They then went to bed dreaming of knights
on  white horses, princesses, wizards, fairies,
dragons and castles. So long as they had their  dreams they could create
any tale that they wanted to.  
The frog became a prince, the cat became a  fairy, the kitten became a
princess, and the dog  became a king for a day. They all became
these things when they wrote a story together.
Now  all must go off into their dream worlds,
but they will be back soon with another tale!

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A Short Sleepy Bedtime Story
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There was a spark of imagination in the air that kept growing.
Ribbit the frog, Bark the dog,Scratch the cat and Cute the kitten,
all suddenly appeared in a strange new world that was unfamiliar
to them.The grass was pink and the sky was purple,
Fairies were bouncing from each colorful flower to the next as a little