~ Just another day ~
By: Lilith Melody Tegrin

Another day begins, I have no scent to remind me of things I once
cherished, no lingering taste on my lips.
The touch of a hand on my back is only that of a ghosts.
I'm unsure if I can remember your face when you looked at me, your voice
when the words flowed so freely from your mouth, breathing and speaking
of promises that would always remain unfulfilled.
I believed for so long... I was such a fool for you. You could do no wrong
and still can't, it seems I'm under a spell that cannot be broken....perhaps
one that has turned into a curse.
You will always be my one true regret.
The ghost that haunts my dreams and the reason I awake screaming in
terror coated in a cold sweat.
I whimper and twitch in my sleep as if I am some beaten animal.
But...there is nothing I can do or say to change a thing.
I am left with the nightmare that was once a beautiful dream, a broken
world that once held so much for me.
I am becoming more broken as I move along, picking up scraps of who i
used to be...
I will never truly get that one special part of myself back though, I know
this for sure.
.....It was you......
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But when the clouds covered the light and the rain began to pour,i disappeared from the day.
Leaving you to stare into another's eyes,as i am left in the hollowed out darkened world.
I see myself in reflections that shatter every time a tear drop hits the puddle.
I see you all but your reflections never ripple and fade as mine do.
The sun reappears from its darkened hiding place.
I see i am standing where she is,as you lean in and kiss her so gently on the lips.
I thought we were the same...But now i see i am only her shadow.
How could i have made this mistake? I ponder,but only for one second more as the sun fades
behind the clouds and i am once again in this hollow world of mine.
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