A couple of days ago, I was swimming and suddenly realized
that I was not alone in the pool. No, it wasn't the wasps that were
in the water
with me. It was this little frog. I caught it and it jumped out of my
hands -- we did
that several times, and then it just sat in my hands. Its throat was
moving fast; it
was breathing hard. I asked Daddy, "should this frog be IN the
pool? Where
can it rest?" We decided that I should put it out of the pool, so I
did. Then I ran
and got my camera and as you will see, I was very glad I did. The
frog did
something totally unexpected (by Daddy and myself that is).
To see what the frog did,click through the pictures.
Hope you'll enjoy this little series!
A Day in the Life of the Frog....er... Um, "Toad".
Story by: Mar Goodman
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