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"Cookie's Story"
How Cookies got their name

Way back when Cowboys would drive their cattle across the plains to market, each cattle drive
would have one or more cooks.
No one person ever remembered the cooks names as they were always too busy or too tired to
associate much with the cattle hands. The cowboys simply referred to the cook as "Cookie" .
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After every evening meal, the cook would offer up a sweet crispy treat, that the cowboys just
LOVED. One  cowboy had asked the cook what the sweet crispy treat was called and could he have
the recipe? The cowboy explained that the sweet sugary treats were so good, he wanted his wife
back on the ranch to make some. The cook replied that he did not know of a name for the treat, but
there were many flavors and different ways of making them.
Cookie the cook, then offered to write down the  recipes he knew of for the cowboy's wife.
After the next evenings meal, one of the cowboys said, "Hey Cook, you got
any more of them there Cookie treats?," and the name stuck.
Thus "Cookie's Treats" became the name for the treat!
Today they are called a shortened version of "Cookie's Treat" and simply
called "Cookies"
...And this is called "Cookie's Story".

"YEE HAWwww !!! "
Thee End
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