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Norma's message reads,
Oh my! I will be passing your book I bought to
my friend who's daughter is turning 5 next
year. She will be reading pretty soon and for
now her mother can now read the stories to
her. She was a bit too young when I bought
the book but now is the time to share it.

Judy's message reads,

"I bought your book and I think it's wonderful.
I would say everyone should buy it. So much
better than the children's book you see in
stores, keep up the good work and I'll be
getting the rest of your series as they come
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I can't believe what you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's  beautiful!!!!!!!!!
my grand daughters suggested I make a book and my
kids have been after me for years to do this! God

Tillie V.
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  •    Youve hit the ball out the park! Incerdbile!

  •    Very nice!

  •    I am visiting to this for the 1st time, wish me luck!

  •    very good stories.

  •    I'm looking forward learning more about what you are doing.

  • Really cute site!  

  • I luv the site.

  •    Best Ive seen . Very educational and music videos well done.

  •    Hello world! Like the site and enjoyed the book. Thanks!

  •    Awesome!!!

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