Written by Tillie Vaughan 1981


Little people growing - running in and out -
Someday you will stop and say what is life
I'll tell you what I think it is -
It's love from me to you!
And from you to one another -
Just like God told us to do!
Be patient as you're growing
Be kind, loving and true...
For what you give to others -
Will come back again to you!


I like to share my time and toys,
With other little girls and boys,
It's so much fun to have a friend,
I hope this fun will never end.


Wash your hands before you eat,
Comb your hair and keep it neat!
Don't forget when you are able
Tillie's Tidings
Children's stories by: Tillie V.
I want to be soft as the rain,
As bright as the sun, and never complain!
I want to be friends with all that I see,
If they will be kind and only let me.

I really like to roller skate
and play outside each day -
When the wheels go 'round upon the ground -
I speed along my way.

Fishes swim, and birds love to fly -
Doggies bark and kittens will cry...
But I love them all because they teach me -
To always be the best I can be.

Loving thoughts are like seeds:
Plant them deep within your brain,
Water them with loving rain,
Watch them as you grow up high,
Nothing will be too hard to try!

Red Light says STOP
and Green Light says GO!
They keep on changing
through rain, sleet and snow!

The sun is shining on the snow...
It looks like a diamond all aglow!
A snowman only lasts a while...
And only you can make him smile!

I'm a little caterpillar, crawling here and there -
No one ever has to comb my fuzzy little hair.
I like to arch my back and lay out in the sun -
I eat green plants and spin cocoons -
And then my work is done!

I close my eyes to go to sleep -
And pray the Lord my soul to keep...
God will watch over me all the night through -
Then I can play some more  tomorrow with

The sun shines bright and I can play -
When the rains come down, inside I stay.
We need them both to make us grow -
I also love to play in the snow!
and pretend that it's my car.
I go up hills and around the curves,
I really don't go far!
Because my mommy would miss me,
so I'll be careful as I drive...
I'll obey all the traffic rules
in order to stay alive!

I like to ride my pony -
It's really a branch from a tree...
It takes me where I want to go
Just my pony & me!

In mud and dirt I love to play, it is "Oh, such fun!"
I can do most anything, but first I have to run,
I'm never still very long and that's the reason why
I come crying to my mommy -
when dirt gets in my eye.

I like to print my name,
I just learned how to do
It is such fun to play a game
of alphabets with you!
Written by Tillie Vaughan, 1981
All of these children's poems were inspired either by my
children or my grandchildren...I had hoped to put out
children's books someday...I tried to get Brandon to
illustrate them when he was about 10-12, as he is a good
do it for their have my permission to use
them as you will...

I looked at the man in the moon and said,
"Why are you white instead of red?"
He said to me, "I really don't know,
God created me this way and so -
I guess we all have to be what we are...
A moon, a rainbow or shooting star!

"Please" and "Thank You" are little words -
but mean so much to others...
Why not use them all you can to
Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers?

A habit can be good or bad,
If we pick up our things no one will get mad,
And everything will be where it should -
Now that's a habit that's very good!

Turn the TV on and watch your favorite show -
Then turn the TV off - and go outside to grow.
You need lots of fresh air
to grow straight and tall,
So play a game, run or swing,
then kick or bounce a ball!
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