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WHO YOU ARE is more
impressive than what you make,
what you have, what you do or
what title you carry.

Bridget Anderson  12-5-09
Tears are words my heart
can't say, and there is a lot
my heart is saying...

Bridget Anderson
A gentle word, like summer rain, may soothe some heart
and banish pain. What joy or sadness often springs,
from just the simple little things!

Bridget Anderson  12-5-09
“It has been said that we need just three
things in life: Something to do, Something to
look forward to and someone to love

Bridget Anderson  12-5-09
What do you call people who
are afraid of Santa Claus?.......
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Every year is:
New Year for a new start on old

Bridget 12-26-09
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Remember, we all stumble, every
one of us. That's why it's a comfort
to go hand in hand.

I've discovered that I often visit the state of confusion, and I know my way around pretty well!
Bridget Anderson 01-01-10
Bridget Anderson: People say walking
on water is a miracle, but to me walking
peacefully on earth is the real miracle.
Bridget Anderson: I want to go to the
good puppies go....!
We were strangers when we
met. Now we're even stranger!
Bridget 1-3-10
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“It is impossible
Love is such a
powerful emotion,
that once it does
not depart. True
love is eternal. If
you think that you
were once in
love, but fell out
of it, then it
wasn't love you
were in. There
are no 'exit' signs
in love, there is
only an 'on' ramp.”

Bridget 1-22-10
Does a train of
thought have a
BA 2-4-10
eyes, hug with
your heart!

BA 2-24-10
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves
a memory no one can steal.