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I will neither yield to the song of the siren, the
voice of the Hyena, the tears of the crocodile nor
the howling of the wolf.
George Chapman 16055
Why do you look at the speck of sawdust
in your brother's eye and pay no  attention
to the plank in your own ?
First take the plank out of  your own eye
and  then you will see clearly to remove
the speck  from your brother's eye.

Jesus of Nazareth
A foolish
consistency is the
hobgoblin of a
simple mind.

Author unknown
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Life ain't like no box of chocolates!
It's a bed of thorns and roses,
be careful what you choose.

BT ~2 seconds ago
Why is it when you are little you get paid by the tooth fairy...
But when you are older and loose a tooth, you must pay the tooth fairy?
Bryan'ism 12-1-09
Law of Credit cards...
What comes down will go up!
If you water it..It may grow or pee.
If you feed it...It may become your friend
If you do not...
It may die and then you will be alone.

Bryan 'ism 12-13-2009
If a kitten is raised by a dog...
Will it learn to chase cats?
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Opinions are based on ones perception,
be sure yours is not clouded by another's.
Bryan'ism 2009
If you kill a bug
you will starve a bird and it may die.
If a bird starves and it dies,
you may starve a cat and it may die.
If  a cat  starves and dies,
a dog  may also starve and die.
So tell me where does it end...?
Bryan 'isms 2010
“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget
that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but
to live by them."  John F. Kennedy
The real art of conversation is not
only to say the right thing at the
right time, but also to leave unsaid
the wrong thing at the tempting
Paul Bowman 1-22-10
The sole purpose of a child's middle name is so he
or she can tell when they are really in trouble.
Paul Bowman 1-21-10
You just can't
raise parents!
Jon -forever-
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.
If you are successful you will win some false friends and true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you've got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway.

- Mother Teresa
Experience is the name everyone should give to their
mistakes. If not, then one has not learned from their past.
Bryan 'ism 2011
It is my belief that "Amen"
was originally  "All men".

BT 2-11-2010
If we let our mind flow openly, we can
learn from each other regardless of
background, gender, age, ethnicity,
religious orientation etc......
~ Wizzy Mangoma ~
Love the moment.
Flowers grow out of dark moments.
Therefore, each moment is vital.
It affects the whole.
To love Life is to live,

kind words can heal hearts of the
suffering...  :8-)

Wizzy Mangoma
Love is patient;love is kind and
envies no one.
Love is never boastful, nor
conceited, nor rude;
never selfish, nor quick to take
There is nothing love cannot
there is no limit to its faith,its
hope, and its endurance.
~Corinthians ~
Do not dwell on the past....Love each day...Look forward to tomorrow.....
Open your heart... Explore your soul... Let miracles happen...
others...Believe in
Don't be reckless with other peoples hearts...forgive who are reckless with
I would rather have a kitty in the litter box,
than a litter in the kitty box!
The only purpose of a battle of wits
is to see who is most full of 'it!
Constructive criticism is like giving someone a fruit cake for Christmas,
they may or may not like it, but it will be hard by the time they get it.
Bryan 'ism
A Person will only see
pictures of an Artists
Bryan 2009
Confucius isn't useless,
just common to the dog
If you think Jesus is pissed...
Just wait 'till you see GOD!
Bryan's ism
I'd rather step into a
than slip in a Chevy!

Bryan's 'ism 2004
If time is irrelevant to matter.
Why does it matter what time
it is?
A Belief is limited to that
of ones perception,
which is  usually
influenced by another's.
BT 2009
People who won't save
their pennies don't have
any sense!

Bryan 'isms forever
Two like illusions focused at a similar point in time, can paradoxically
create a hologram which may Become another's perception of reality
Bryan ism 1-14-10
My mind wanders for days and
weeks at a time.
Sometimes I wander where too!

Bryan 2009
If you tilt a glass when
filling it with tap water...
You might be a alcoholic!

BT 2010
Never allow the past to hold you back from enjoying a full life.
What have you got to lose, except a heavy burden?
Forgiveness is usually the key to moving forward, which is why it's on the path to gaining insight.
When you forgive yourself, and those who have hurt you, you are able to release negative patterns that visit
you over and over again.
More important, you will finally sever the control that a memory of another person has
over you.
Stay in the present, affirm the good that has been a result of a bad situation,
and love your authentic self even more than you did yesterday.  
Only you can do it! ~ Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D
If time is an illusion, why can't I smash it???
Jaime T 6-13-10
Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.
It means you have decided to see beyond the imperfections...
~ Gerard Way ~
Notice when you pass Judgement
upon another, apply that same
thinking to you own you still
truly believe you have the right to
Monkey see...Monkey do.
Monkey wants to be just LIKE YOU!
Wizzy Mangoma:  
A sweet song, a beautiful dance and kind words can heal hearts of the suffering...:-)
Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don't.

Author Unknown
How do you find a needle in a hay stack?

Walk through it barefoot!

Bryan's 'ism 11-3-10
How do you find a needle in a hay stack?
Walk through it barefoot!
Bryan 2011
"To the world you might just be one person, but
to one person you might just be the world."
- Author Unknown -
Life is too short to wake up with regrets...
Love the people who treat you right and
forget about the ones who don't.
Guns don't Kill
zombies... Flowers do.
Andy R Spliethof
Knowledge is knowing a tomato
is a fruit;
Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit
Words sometimes have two meanings and many characters.
Actions define one
. Bryan 'isms
No matter where you go or how you
get there,  you will always be
here...       BT 3/30/11
Words often have two meanings
and many characters, Actions
define one.
BT 2008
Some are banded,
Some will band,
All will fight like hungry wolfs
in a promise land.
But most will perish.
Then a new day will dawn and a
new old hierarchy will rise only
to perish beneath the setting

BT 2011
I think I may have just had the greatest epiphany since the evolution!
Bryan'ism 5-21-11
I must be a Tree.
sometimes I bark,
at times I can be a little sappy,
and sometimes I just branch out and leave.

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If birds of a feather flock together, I must be the last of my covey.
via Bryan's 'isms
"Try to seize the moment, not the day...The day will
come at the end of the moment."
BT 2011
I don't have ADHD...
I have "COFFEE!"
Bryan'ism 2013
Kids Stories Star
Kids Story Star
"Evolution" IS MANDATORY!!!
BT 1.25.13
If you limit a child to thoughts all your own...
You prevent that child,
from ever becoming fully GROWN!
Childrens stories Air Brush Art by: Jerry Morelli
He who builds a Throne will sit!
BT   2-12-13
If a tree is free of rot and disease, will it ever die of old age?    BT~ 2010
"Misery loves company"... But, company doesn't love misery.
BT May 2013
Everyone is right in their own perspective...
However, that does not mean "We are correct".
BT 2012
I think my most favorite of words, are that of vintage compilation.
There can be  lil' bit of good in bad,
But there is NOTHING bad in Good!
BT 11-6-2013

BT's 4Ps
Patients & Progress
Precedes Perfection
" I am "
the perfect me.
Always use your thinker before
making a turn in life.
BT 11/19/13
"Perception, is 95% of all reality"
BT 2012
It is my belief that, "Merry Christmas, Was originally,
"Mary & Christ's Mass"
BT 2014
Some people are like plated
They appear shiny & valuable on
the outside,
But are really dull & worthless on the

Every Artist ThInKs That They are special...And they are
Just not  more so than any other.
BT  8214
Romantic stories images
Never make a permanent decision, based on temporary emotions.
The person or "Persons" you hurt, may not be limited to yourself.
BT 2014
Squirrels like Acorns...
"Egg Corns" are what hit you in the head!
ism isim's childrens story stories for kids quotes
No one will ever know true loneliness,
until their imaginary friends,
BT - 10-18-14
Definition of  Maturity:
The ability to put aside personal
feelings & activities,
for the welfare of others,
while maintaining personal growth
& short term goals.

BT Jan,2015

Words unspoken,
are promises unbroken...

BT 2015
A picture tells a #story  in any language
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Children put on make up to look older.
Adults put on make up to look younger.
No matter "Where" you go,
You will always be "There".
So water the grass where you stand,
so that no others will ever be any
the greener.
~ Practice safe sex  ~
" Do it online "
BT  3-11-15
I wonder how I'm going to bite my fingernails with dentures?    6-17-10
CCR: Credit Card Revival
" Life is good! Just ad milk!"
If you say someone is "Stupid"...
It is only that of your own ignorance
from which you speak!
BT 2014
It's one thing when it is imagined the audience is naked...
It is a WHOLE 'nother thing when the audience IS Naked!
BT- 6-2015
Too many irons & not enough fire!
BT 9-2015
Those who think the world revolves around them,
"Are actually standing still", while others are
making life better for self & others.
Sometimes in life, you just have to keep beating the
tree, until ALL of the monkeys fall out !
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Fast fact:
"Everybody follows the leader" ...
                                                         BT 12-27-2015
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In  the year 2020, everything will be seen clearly BT 2/9/2016
Darkness can not exist in
light, each of which is what
you choose, to surround
yourself with. You are your
environment and your
environment becomes you.

You are the creator in your
BT~ 2-12-16  8:20pm
Happiness is a roll of Toilet paper!
Bryan'ism 10-2016
And ~ " FYI "....
"Cats do not say
They say "ME~NOW"
Perception is 9/10ths of all reality ...
The other 10th is false.
BT - 3-18-2016
I have come to the conclusion that #Dogs don't live as long as we do...
" Because they give out so much love, they burn out faster! "  
BT 10-2010
Lier's poison the souls of those around them,
who in turn can ignorantly become carriers.
BT 10-25-16
A promise becomes A lie once broken....
    >>>~~~>   BT 10-31-16 <~~~<<<