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The Little Red Bedtime book encourages kids,children,young adults and parents to read children's stories and interact
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provides a fun way to learn stuff such as typing skills.
The drawings and art work are great too! The world needs to encourage kids more to express themselves artistically.
Also the survey links provided are a great way for individuals and parents to earn some extra income. Some of the
surveys only take 15-20
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The Children stories are well written, in a poetic and creative way and are totally appropriate for children or kids. I  
have read some these stories
to my children before bedtime.    
It takes a lot of time,effort and attention to detail creating and managing a website that not only looks good, but is
pleasing to the eye. The lay
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Over all this website for children has most everything to entertain a kid,child or even a parent for hours!

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About The Book
FREE Children's
Short funny Bedtime
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A good many young
writers make the
mistake of enclosing a
self-addresed  stamped
big enough for the
manuscript to come
back in.
This is too much of a
temptation for an editor.

Ring Lardner.
Children's free short funny bedtime stories for kids
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Children's "Free" short funny bedtime Stories

The Little Red Bedtime Book .com
Santa claus
About the Author

I let my inner child out to play...
And he never came Back!

I am a simple honest guy, who has an artistic creative talent, who
has always wanted to write a book. I always thought it would be a
... But who wants to read another book about the
trials and tribulations of another's dysfunctional past?

I was inspired to write a children's bedtime story book by my
English teacher in college and one day while very bored, staring
out a window after WAY too much coffee, a thought popped into
my head. It was one of those thoughts that make you giggle to
yourself,  shake your head and say,"Where the heck did that come
from!". So I wrote it down and later turned it into a kids story.

From there I continued writing these random thoughts (Some of
them wile trying to go to sleep) down and turning them into
children stories.

After writing many stories, I had no idea what to do with them so I
compiled them into a book for parents and their children. I then
had the thought, "I wish my parents had read me stories every
night". So the idea to have a story for each evening of the month
was born, hence the 31 stories and then the idea for my ultimate
goal of Twelve books so there would be a story for each evening
of the year.

The word "Poemish"

When I was asked "what kind of stories are they", Poem-ish was
the only word I could come up with that described the stories best.
And yes, I coined it. The word "Poemish" is now available for
definition in Websters online dictionary.
Each book is individually "Hand Crafted" by the author.

About The Little Red Bedtime Book .com

The Little Red Bedtime Book .com is a new and popular website
that is growing at an alarming rate in popularity amongst
families,friends,Parents and children of all ages, not to mention all
the rave in e-zine Articles Social Networking and Blogs. Its
growing popularity has also caught the attention of webmasters
and SEO and Internet marketing company's world wide.

The Little Red Bedtime Book .com a 100% FREE content website
that does not require a login or registration.

It is about reading stories to your children before bedtime for free
and encouraging quality Parent and Child interaction before
bedtime and Putting your child to bed with a smile, inspiring
personal growth and imagination.

There are thirty one stories in each book so that there is a story for
each evening of the month, with a total of twelve books so that
there will be a story for each evening of the year, plus a couple
extra for the times the child chants "Encore, encore", read me
another story please!
This story book is intended for People,
Parents,Teachers and children/kids who love to read
and to encourage Parent,Teacher, and child interaction
before bedtime or nap time.
Your children are the most important factor in your
life, put your children,child,or kid, to bed with positive
thoughts, a funny bedtime story and a smile.
This book is designed to inspire children to learn
through positive developmental thoughts and moral
values, through questions and thought provoking
This story book for children, provides a fun way for
Parents or Teachers to teach their children, kid or kids,
while exalting personal growth between you and your

The Little Red Bedtime Book .com is also not JUST for children.
Parents enjoy reading bedtime stories to their children and the
extra ways to make some spending money doing the "Legit
Surveys".  The survey sites listed have been tried and trued  by
our publisher for over three years now and still participates in the
surveys linked to the "Legit Surveys" link Bar at the top of every
page. has entertainment
sections such as funny videos, Poems, Art, Zany Bryan 'isms,
educational games and more!

The Little Red Bedtime Book .com also intends to include Music
by Children, Art, stories, poems and more composed by Children
for Children.
This will encourage Children to develop skills and talents
re-enforcing positive developmental thoughts and social behavior.

To inspire a Child's imagination is an awesome thing.
Read your child or Children a Bedtime story tonight!

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