The groups of Randall ants knew they had better hurry and dig tunnels to get to the ant’s nest place
with the rest of their group. Ants were being dissolved as the rain hit the dirt leaving allot of water that
floated down to a nearby sitting bench. There were screams that were echoed by the smallest and
largest ants, Ryan and Rebecca. They were both very angry at the stormy weather that collapsed
their favorite beauty parlor.
The lady’s all decided to call the chosen leader into a colony meeting. The man’s face was drooping
along the edges, and his eyes told them to heed the lightning as its flash meant that it was going to
target a boy or woman. He suggested to hurry and leave before the rain began to drop heavier.
All of the sudden, a big BOOM of thunder cried as it landed on a newspaper bit, making a small part of
it break into pieces and ruin. People were crying as they dug into the soggy ground.
Ryan got an idea and stopped digging. He broke curls of nicely combed hair and divided them. He
began pulling the hair carefully to the flooded areas. He looked around and watched as his idea
began to save their lives. Delight softly allowed itself to color the man in his eye as time fell.
Women and children held hands and lifted them, flying to the sky. The women went to their partners
and holding their children close, began to cry. As their tears began to jump from their nose to their
cheek and ran down their lips, landing on the women’s blouse and the men’s tee shirt. PLOP!
Watching the Falling down sky, the sun decided to leave and did not like parting from Margo Falls, but
dried up the mess that was left by the rain drops.
The children giggled and pointed at the middle of the pile of hair. Steam turned the hair brown and a
bunch of dogs ended up with wigs. A tiny child put a piece of limp hair on her head and started giving
the dogs names.
Shiny cars turned up where dirty cars were without as much of a smear on them.
Rebecca turns to the Rylee flowers to do their reading now as the children get bigger in size. She
shouted to her family,
“Let’s not be upset because we have a fresh start.”
The family began to turn into a happy crowd and shouted, “Yeah, and don’t ever take anything for
granted because you aren’t sure how much you need it or want it until it is gone.
The rain washes the rest of the country now from time to time, but the Rylee know what to do now.

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The World of Margo falls
The sky never had a gray cloud to form raindrops. The land was green and covered in the prettiest
teeniest yellow flower that ropes itself around its stem. The flower colony is called Rylee, and they
only choose to show themselves when a wedding or a family picnic is starting.
One particular day, started out nicely with big fluffy white clouds and happy people everywhere.
Picnics and weddings were planned and the park was full of people enjoying triple decker ice
cream cones or a sticky cotton candy.
Suddenly, the biggest raindrop dropped with a big SPLAT. It was as if a big storm was waiting for
the event to happen, then the rain began to fall.