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To watch the squirrel gather his nuts, and stash them in a hole the squirrel had dug
under the old oaks roots, which the squirrel called his home. The wise old oak even
provided shade for some folk in the heat of a hot summer’s day, and held a swing
on a branch, for children to play. The wise old oak was a very good tree indeed, and
provided many
things, for many lives in need, including the air we
These are only some of the reasons we need more
Good Old Oak Trees.

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The Good Old Oak Tree Story
because he thought it was full of nuts!
(☺And he was right☺)
He lived in a dark sleepy hollow, under a wise old oak tree,
which only had one eye...
It only had one eye because the birds had pecked the other
one out
in which to make their nest.
However, the wise old oak did not mind,
for he still had one good eye with
which he could still see to watch the new baby birds grow
up, and take flight for their first time.
He also liked