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He continued building the house one piece of straw at a time,
until one day, he said, “This is fine!”
It could have been a huge castle, or a little homie house,
but it was the dream of one little grouse.She then told her children, "You too can
have what ever you want in your dreams,
or in real life, if you work on it little by little,
night by night, and day by day".

The mother then asked her child,
“What do you dream of "?

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Dreams of Good Things Story
There once was a wonderful mommy,
who asked each of her children once a week if
they had any secret wishes,
while she was  putting them to bed.
This way they both could dream about it,
and maybe, because when learn to control our dreams,
they can come true...
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She also told them that the smaller the dream,the easier it was to make come true.
But the bigger dreams could be made possible by working on them a little bit at a time,
little by little, night by night, and day by day,
while we are awake, and making plans of how they are to be.

She also told them a story about a little grouse,
who wanted to build a house, and started with only one piece of straw.
The grouse had to decide when the house was big enough for his dream.
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