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Little lost ones eyes grew wide with fright! He saw
the moose’s teeth, and thought he might bite!
Then the moose smiled and said," Come child, and stay awhile. You are no
doubt, lost. Let us sit down and talk of your troubles. Then we will get you
back to where you are supposed to be, on the double. It seems to me you
think too much, of how things are, and how you think they should
be". The moose then bowed his head whispered and said," Think of
tomorrow, but act today, in this way you will pay attention today, and act on
your thoughts tomorrow, living your dreams...
Not getting lost!".
Little lost one said," thank you Mr. Moose. Now, I don't suppose you know
where I could find the goose that got loose from the farmer do you?”
The moose laughed and said," Who put that in your head? It wasn't a goose
that got loose. It was I, Mr. Moose," and he showed him the scars from the
cart the farmer made him pull.
Then he said," Now it is time for you to go. Follow me, and I will show you the
way. When he got home, he was listening to what his mother had to say about
his missing school that day, when once again his mind began to stray,
and he wasn't paying attention. He was thinking about what he could do
tomorrow, that he learned


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When he got home at last, his mother was mad, and made him take out the
trash. The next day came, and as always the same, he was daydreaming, and
was late again, and missed the school buss. It then began to rain. He started
walking to school, and as he walked, he thought and thought why he never paid
attention. And as he thought, he found himself lost in the woods. Oh how he
wished he could pay attention like he should. Now he thought about a story he
once heard, about a goose that once got loose from a farmer, and was now
the smartest creature of the wood. Perhaps if he could ask her how, to pay
attention, she would teach him. Just then he heard a loud noise, and his hair
stood on end! He thought of all the dangers he had heard about getting lost in
the woods, and then he was scared! He wanted to run, but he didn't know
where when a moose jumped out of the bush, and stared straight at him!
Little lost one knew he was fast, but not enough to
out run a" MOOSE"!
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Poor little lost one, was very smart, but was
overly interested in all the things of the world. For this
reason he often daydreamed of imaginary things, of how
he thought life should be, and motorized swings. When he
was young, he only thought of things that he thought were
fun, and didn't pay attention to the teachers or others in
school. Now little lost one was a duck, who didn't have
much luck, when it came to being on time, because he
was always daydreaming, but with him this was fine.
Until one day he wasn't paying attention, and was
dreaming about play, and didn't notice the school
bus he got on wasn't going his way. While in route, he
began to doubt, when and if he was going to make it
home in time for dinner. It was getting late, and his mother
began to worry, because he always got off the buss at
3:00 pm.
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