1. The Elf's Ant-----------------------------------

2. The Con-Troll --------------------------------

3. None Ya Biz ----------------------------------

4. Soular Plexus --------------------------------

5. Little No-peep --------------------------------

6. Rudy Toot-toot -------------------------------

7. Thy Kingdom Come ------------------------

8. Little Larry & The ladybug-----------------

9. I Don't use Glue To Tie my Shoe--------

10. Little Tony & his Phony Pony-----------

11. Somedays-----------------------------------

12. Me doggie-----------------------------------

13. Caren & Sharen----------------------------

14. The Magnificent Brain--------------------

15. The Fairy Grandmother------------------

16. Ed the Sprinkler Head--------------------

17. Poor Otis-------------------------------------

18. The Stupid Story---------------------------

19. What's a Skip to do?----------------------

20. Neither Here, Nor There-----------------

21. Sambo----------------------------------------

22. My Busy C.-----------------------------------

23. The Hairy Fairies---------------------------

24. The Leopard & Cheetah-----------------

25. The Little Boy who Blew his Nose-----

26. Acrobat Cat----------------------------------

27. Little Lost One------------------------------

28. Smarts Don't it?----------------------------

29. Dreams Of Good Things----------------

30. The Good Old Oak Tree-----------------

31. Rabbit Food is Good for You!----------
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We named him Acrobat-Cat because he would do tricks,
and if you wiggled your finger in front of his nose he
would follow it up on his toes, and walk around the room
in circles, and across the living room floor.
If you picked him up and stuck him to the wall, or a door,
because he trusted us he would stay there, until you said,"
Drop Bat cat", and then he trusted us to catch him, and
we would every time.
So this is how he got his name, “Acrobat-cat".
But when he got old he got fat, and couldn't do all that
anymore. So he would just lay around on the kitchen
floor, waiting for food, and begging for more.
And that was Acrobat-cat.
Bat cat for short.


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Acrobat cat was all this, but he wasn't all that!
When he was young, he was kittens of fun!
He would tear through the house, and didn't care about no mouse.
We called him "Bat Cat", for short, and he was jet black,
except for the white mask he wore with a black spot on
his lip...
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He was very tough, and weighed 22
pounds, all of it
muscle, and he never lost a tussle, except
that of which
was with a squirrel he thought he could
attack. The
squirrel bit him and tore him limb to limb,
leaving no hair
except for a patch here, and a patch there.
The rest was
bare skinned cat! Poor Bat Cat, found out
he wasn't all