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He then began to sneeze and it turned into cottage cheese!
children beside him decided to leave; another
threw up in a cup.
He decided he'd had enough lunch, and gathered
his boogers in a bunch, and when he threw them
in the trash, they made a splash!
Then he went outside, and found, he could clog
one nostril, blow his Boogers on the ground and
make a puff of dirt, then wipe his nose on his shirt.
He then went to the swing, where he discovered,
he could sling his boogers further than ever, wind
and weather permitting!
He liked to wear long sleeved shirts, because he
never used a tissue, until one day his sleeves
were so stiff, his mother made it an issue.
Now he carries a handkerchief in which to blow
his nose.
He now uses this, instead of the back of his hand,
or his clothes!

Of the nose!

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blowing his nose!
He would blow it in his hands or on his clothes.
through the air, and some would stick in his hair,
and on his chair at school.
He once gave his head a tilt, and blew a booger
in his milk.
The Little Red
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