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Well, one day, as stories go, one of these people
discovered an animal that looked like a yellow cat with
spots, but was 4 times the size that of the common
dog. It was noticed that this animal was very fast, and
could jump over large obstacles in a single bound, and
therefore was named the leap-hard, today called the
One day, the leap-hard was chasing some
prey he planned to make his dinner, when all of a
sudden, out of nowhere, he was passed by
another cat doing 70 miles per hour! The
leap-hard stopped in his tracks, looked around
him, and said, "Cheater"!
And the 'ologist then named the fast cat, the cheetah!


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Once upon
A long time ago, there were people who would go
out into the woods specifically to find new
strange plants, and animals. These people were
referred to as 'ologists, such as Zoologists, who
study animals.
When these people found something new, never
discovered before, it was up to them to give it a name.
The Little Red
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