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So Mr. Hairy Fairy looked at the lock,
and shook his head in shock, for it had rotten beyond repair.
He didn't know what to do, so he took off his shoes and socks,
and went for a walk, to find the legendary caveman,
who carved things out of rock.
When he found the caveman, he
was picking his nose, sniffing a sock,
and beating his head against a rock.
Mr. Hairy Fairy, asked him "What in the world was he
doing?", and the cave man replied, the stink of the
sock helps me think, and the rock is the stone I wish to
hone into something great!
"Well", said  Mr. Hairy Fairy, I need your help, before
the fairy dust is felt by all of the creatures of the wood,
and Mrs. Hairy Fairy, gets madder than she should.
I need you to make a lock, for the gates to the caves,
possibly out of that rock, so it will never rot.
"That would be great", said the caveman, for this is no
ordinary rock!
This is an "Emerald ", which is green, and won’t easily
be seen, thus it will protect the very fairy dust!
He then gave it a thought, sniffed his sock, and began
honing the stone into a great lock, for the gates to the
caves Mr. And Mrs. Hairy Fairy were bound to save.
Mr. Hairy Fairy was both nervous and excited, for he
knew Mrs. Hairy Fairy was going to like it!
When the caveman was done, Mr. Hairy Fairy paid
him in bread crumbs from the sack he carried on his
It was getting lat he knew, so he took flight and flew,
back to the caves, and replaced the lock on the gates.
With all of the fairy dust safe in the cave, Mr. And Mrs.
Hairy Fairy, were very happy. They combed the hair
on their heads, then went to bed, and they dreamt of  
happy little pixies, flittering about, and putting  glitter on
peoples snouts.

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The Hairy Fairies
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Mr. and Mrs. Hairy, were a couple of old fairies that
guarded the gates to the greatest caves in the world.
One day Mr. Hairy Fairy awoke, to find that one of the
locks to the gates had broken, and all of the very fairy
dust, was floating into the air.
Mr. Hairy Fairy didn't really care, but Mrs. Hairy Fairy,
gave him a glare that told him he'd better fix the gate
before all the dust escaped into the woods, turning all
of the animals into little Hairy Fairies.
The Hairy Fairies
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