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It was very loud for such a small mouse, and he would keep
awake all of the creatures that lived in the house.
From lack of exercise, he grew fat, and then one day he scared
the cat! Who teamed up with the dog, and a bat!
They chased the poor mouse all through the
house. They flew through the kitchen, and
slipped on the floor!
The little fat mouse, slid under a drawer, and
said, 'Whew that was close!" It is very good to
be faster than most!
Then with a great deal of speed, he grabbed a
piece of cheese!
The dog and cat didn't even see!
He decided he was the best, and took the
cheese back to his nest.
As he lay down to rest, he thought,
"My life isn't so boring,"
and he started snoring.

End !

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This is a stupid story about a little mouse,
and his snoring.
Because the little mouse thought his life was so boring,
he spent it eating, sleeping, and snoring.
Just once a week, he would get up and eat, then go
back to bed, and sleep.
He snored in, and wheezed out,

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