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a little fat toad, carrying a big fat load.
He said," excuse me Mr. Toad, have you seen a pony? Mines a little phony
and I'm looking for a real one in which to have fun with. "Fun", said the toad,”
If I knew where there was a pony, that wasn't a phony, along this road, I would
certainly ask him to help me carry this load!” Little Tony said, "Well I can help
carry your load Mr. Toad, if only you know the difference between a real
pony, and a little phony, that would help us both!
"I have the knowledge of a thousand kings and know of such things", said the
Toad from the road. So they walked for miles, and miles, back and forth
across the kitchen tiles, until they found a bug stuck
in the rug.
"Hello Ms. Bug in the rug", said the toad from the road,” We are looking for a
Pony that isn't a phony, and do you know where we could find one?"
And the bug in the rug replied," What do I look like all comfy and snug? No!
I'm a bug stuck in a rug! And if I knew where there was a pony, that wasn't a
phony, I would certainly ask him to give this bug a tug, to get her out of this
rug!" "Well! I can help with that!" said the toad from the road and with a snap
of his tongue, the toad from the road gave the bug a tug, and gobbled her up!
"Why did you do that?" said little Tony. And the toad replied, "She-Bug", was
a might to rude, so I took a bite, and used her for food. A spider would have
just up and tied her in a little web of thread. But don't let it go to your head,
for now I am fed.
As they continued their trip, the toad did a flip, kicked his heels, and licked his
In disgust little Tony said," Don't act like a hog
frog!", and they jumped over a log and into a dog.
The dog awoke with a growl and a choke, and as he spoke, he said, "I do
wonder who it is that disturbs my slumber!"
About to cry, little Tony said," "’tis only the toad and I", and we are only
looking for a pony, that isn't a plastic phony, in which to have fun with.
The dog sighed and said, "Do not be upset, for I am the family pet, and only
sleep by the logs and fire, waiting to fill your desires, and keep strangers
away". I am afraid to say, that ponies do not like to play,
and they have needs, such as water, a barn and hay. They really are a lot of
trouble day-to-day. If it is a friend for fun you seek, all you need is to
wake me from my sleep.
I am much more fun, than a plastic phony, and a lot
less greedy, than real needy pony.
I don't want any hay, and only live to make your happy day!
So let’s get the toad and his load from the road
and play.


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Little Tony, had a little pony, that was a little phony
and he wanted a real one.
So he thought it might be fun, to go out and find
his own.
So he walked for miles, and miles, across the
kitchen tiles, when in the middle of the road, he
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