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Laurie Ann,  met a worm named Larry. Now Larry, was as green as any worm
she had ever seen!  She knew this was from the chlorophyll in the
leaves he ate. So they sat and talked awhile, and then, Larry, asked her out for
a date. Laurie Ann blushed a little, and Larry, wiggled with excitement in
anticipation for her answer. Finally she managed to say," Yes", and Larry said,”
Thank you Lord, I am blessed!”
They decided to meet under an old apple tree, in an orchard by the creek,
where all of the gardens, and the valley below they could see.
Larry talked, and talked, about how one day soon, he would make a cocoon
and turn into a beautiful," Butterfly".
Laurie Ann, laughed, and laughed, and fell from the tree, and into the creek with
a splash! She went down, down, down, and around to Blueberry Bend,
where she was plucked from the water, by her feathered friend, the humming
bird. “Thanks!” she said at last, through a sputtering gasp of air. "What
happened?” asked the humming bird, as she came to rest on a branch. Laurie
Ann replied," I was
laughing so hard, I fell from the apple tree at the old farmer’s ranch. Poor Larry
was still at the top, when I dropped into the creek. Would you be so kind to
carry me back, and see if he is still where we sat?” The humming bird said," I
can", and started her fan. They arrived not a moment to soon, for Larry was
almost done building his cocoon, and as they landed on a branch the
hummingbird asked Larry," What are you going to do with that?". While Larry
working, Laurie Ann explained that," Larry", was going to turn into a butterfly,
with beautiful wings, and Larry chimed in and said," And I'm going to fly
AROUND the world, and find a beautiful girl, with which I plan to make my
family. When up popped a squirrel that had a nut and chattered,"You can't do
that! Can't you see that the lady bug loves you? If you leave, she will be bitter!
She doesn't even want you to change, but if you do, she will love you just
the same". Larry stopped, and thought hard for a moment. He
then said," This I know is true, and I love her too, but she can't fly, and I want to
see the world". Lady bug Laurie Ann sighed, spread her wings, took flight,
circled the tree, and landed right beside him!
Larry smiled and yelled with delight," YOU CAN FLY"!
"Yes", said Laurie Ann, I never told you, I don't know why...I guess it's because
you are a worm, and I didn't think it was of any concern. Larry giggled like a silly
little worm, and wiggled his way down into his cocoon, soon to be a butterfly,
and discover the world, with a pretty little lady bug,
who's name was, "Laurie Ann".

The End

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whose name was Laurie Ann,
and the humming bird was her biggest fan.
They were both very sweet,
and they kept the aphids off the food we eat.
Now Laurie Ann’s body was speckled with spots and
red, because she laughed allot.
One day while removing aphids from a strawberry,
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