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He put it in a bag, from the lunch he had at school, and
took it home.
When he got home, he took it out, and placed it upon
his bed.
He then tilted his head, and said, "I wonder what it
could be"?
Perhaps I should show my friend Tommy, and he may
When Tommy came over, he stepped up to the bed ,
he shook his head, and said, "It beats me, It's pink and
round, and makes a funny sound kind of like a balloon
when you rub it real fast!".
Tommy decided to stay the night.
When they turned out the lights, they heard a thump, a
bump, and a horrible screeching noise that gave them
both a fright!
Tommy screamed and turned on the light, and there
was the thing all wrapped in wires, and instead of pink
it was white!
It pulsed, and it throbbed, and it had hold of Timmy's
stereo knob!
As it gave the knob a twist, the speakers came to life
with a hiss!
Then a squeaky voice was heard," Do not be alarmed,
I will do you no harm. I am only a brain, and can not
cause you any pain, grief, or sorrow. It is only your
stereo I need to borrow".
Little Timmy's mother had heard the ruckus, and came
bursting through the bedroom door, to see what the
fuss was.
When she heard the thing all wrapped in wires speak,
her mouth dropped open, and her eye's stared wide,
and she shrieked," Oh my!
What a Magnificent brain you have Timmy!"


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The Magnificent brain
Little Timmy, was walking down the street, when
suddenly he stumbled upon his feet.
He looked down, and there on the ground, was
something pink and round.
He had no idea what he had found, and when he
picked it up, it made a funny sound.
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The Little Red
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