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We didn't need an alarm clock because we hadRudey, and
he was on time every day.
Now Rudey, was tough as an old hound dog, and it was his
job to protect the hens from anything that may harm them,
and this he did very well.
One day a Chicken Hawk, swooped down out of the sky, and
attacked one of the hens. Ol' Rudey ran up there and kicked
it in the head with the spurs, that God had given him on the
inside of his legs, specifically for protecting the hens and
their eggs. Now I would think it safe to say, that
Rudey wasn't afraid of anything. One fine mornin'
a German shepherd, who's name was "Mojo",
thought he was going to have himself some
chicken, and took after Rudy like he thought he
was going to have to chase him! He was wrong.
When Rudy saw that shepherd a-comin', he just
beat his wings like thunder, stretched out his
neck and said, "RRRTY- RRT-RRT!", and when
that dog got close enough, Rudey jumped on his
head with his spurs, and rode him to the
neighbors! Mojo, never tried that again! In fact
Mojo, would look at the chickens, but would walk
a wide path around them, lookin' around for that,
Rudey Toot- Toot. Now "Mojo", was "chicken”,
And that was Rudey's job, Wakin' people up, and
chasin' off the predators.
(What kind of bird was Rudy?)

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Rudey Toot-toot
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Rudey Toot-Toot, was a mean old bird, and every
morning when the sun came up, his crowing
could be heard,"rrrty-rrrrt-rrrtt!” He would then
beat his wings and do it again, only louder as if
he wasn't heard the first time,"RRRTY-RRTY-
RRRR!", and then all of the other chickens would
come out of the hen house, one at a time blinking
their eyes at the sun, looking around as if to find
out what
had disturbed them from their sleep, and so did
us children.
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